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TRAVIS – Andy Dunlop Pedalboard

Posted by Javier Garcia on September 20, 2013 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)

TRAVIS – Andy Dunlop Pedalboard

Ok, this is the first time that we upload a non-Oasis rig. Don’t get used to it, probably we will never do it again. Well, there is lack of information about this great guitarist and his gear and we think that we can dedicate a least an article to the pedalboard responsible of the great sound of TRAVIS.

Advisement: This picture is propriety of Mike Hill’s website and since is an educational proposes web site, we don’t think that anyone get obsessed for using his images, anyway we are doing free explicit publicity anytime that we are putting any info about a pedal that belongs to a commercial brand, They should pay us for doing this!

In this picture you can see:


In the high section:

- Electro Harmonix Russian Big Muff

- Electro Harmonix Russian Stone (like the small stone)

- Boss (unknow) probably another PS-5??? But you can notice that colors are slightly different kinds of blue tone

- Boss Tremolo TR-2

(Above the tremolo) Boss Tuner. TU-2 or TU-3

- Line 6 DL4

- Danelectro Spring King Reverb

In the lower section:

- Boss PS-5

- The Foot Controller itself

 - Line 6 DL4 (a second unit)

- Boss RC30 Loop Station


Noel's Pedalboard in the SOTSOG era

Posted by Javier Garcia on August 18, 2013 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (5)

The pedals used in the Stanting On The Shoulder of Giants era!

A bit of history

Before the "Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants" álbum, the stuff used by band to play live was relative simple. In a interview of 2000, Noel revelated that all the gear used for the recording of the 3 first albums was putted away, a big change was necesary and the chief got much more interested in vintage equipment and sound. Most people don't know that the magnificent and re-invented sound of the band for the "Don't Believe The Truth" and "Dig Out Your Soul" albums and tours, in fact, born with the criticized and underestimate SOTSOG. Remeber that was a time of changes, Gem Archer and Andy Bell joined the band with great contributions in the guitar and bass parts. Without this experimental álbum, Heathen Chemestry would never be posible!

The gear for studio

This is a pic from the Familiar To Millions DVD, of course the picture was tooked in a studio sesión for the SOTSOG álbum. You can see a rare power supply for the pedals with the inscription "Power Bank ac to dc"

- Ibanez Tube Screamer

- Boss Line Selector

- Boss Pan Tremolo

- Way Huge Aqua Puss

- Boss Digital Delay

The gear to play live

The gig in the jools holland show of 2000 was the first time that you surely saw all this new gear. 

In this picture Noel is mixing his delay to make the weird noises for the end of My Generation, also a complete take of all his pedalboard.

From up to down, the pedals are:

- Dunlop Cry Baby

- Footswitch

- Ibanez Tube Screamer

- Boss Line Selector

- Way Huge Aqua Puss

- SIB Echodrive

- Boss Digital Delay

- Hugues and Kettner Rotosphere

Other pics of the same gig. Noel is mixing two dealys for the end of Rock N Roll Star

This one definitely looks like the DD3 because there is only one output Jack.

The first edition of the Aqua Puss

Let's see some changes of the same pedalboard in the next two years:

Ten years of noise and confusión gig, 2001

- Dunlop Cry Baby

- Boss Harmonist. Noel is using the HR-2 next to his crybaby.

- Ibanez Tube Screamer

- Boss Line Selector

- Way Huge Aqua Puss. You can even see the settings of two knobs and deduce the third one. Too much blend for me.

- Boss Digital Reverb. The Noise-Room prodly anounces that we are not just the first website dedicated to the Oasis gear, specially about the guitar pedals but that we are the first site that confirms with evidence that Noel was using the Boss RB-3. 

Columbiahalle gig, 2002

- Dunlop Wah

- Boss Harmonist

- Ibanez TS9

- Boss Line Selector

- (I still can't figure). This pedal should be the Aqua Puss, but the picture is confusing, it looks like a turbo TS9 with 4 knobs, but remember the logos and Noel's custom masking tapes, maybe is the Aqua Puss but I still can't find the classic silver footswitch in this picture.

- Danelectro Reverse Delay. Used for the end of Champagne Supernova in this gig but in my opinión, Noel uses this reverse delay for the intro of Stop Crying Your Heart Out. And still we are the first ones in that hypothesis.

- SIB Echodrive

- Rotosphere

New Beady Eye Album - NEW PEDALBOARD!

Posted by Javier Garcia on June 19, 2013 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (1)

Andy Bell's most recent upgrade !

I can only reconize the Octafuzz, Ibanez Tube Screamer, Boss DD3 and MXR Micro Amp.



We Hate HFB, Sorry!

Posted by Javier Garcia on February 13, 2013 at 7:55 AM Comments comments (1)

The Noise Room hates High Flying Birds album and tour! Sorry!

We don't try to offend to any Oasis and Noel's fans, but the truth must be say it:

"If I Had A Gun" & "Everybody's On The Run" are OASIS Songs!

"(I Wanna Live in A Dream) In My Record Machine" & "Stop The Clocks" were already full band recorded songs! With magnificent Zak Starkey's drums on STC.

We think that "The Death Of You And Me" is the only decent Noel's solo album song!

The rest of the songs are bullshit! specially "AKA...What A Life" 

The videoclips: The only two decents "If I had A Gun" and "The Death Of you And Me" The rest are bullshit! Noel's videoclips have lost all sobriety, and what the fuck is russel brand doing on the videoclip of "AKA...What A Life"? We want tops actors like Rhys Ifans and Robert Carlyle!

The High Flying Birds: We really call them, the FAT OLD BIRDS. The drummer is a joke, the way that guitarrist plays Oasis songs is an insult, Mike Rowe is ok but we dont like the sound of his keyborads, Jay Darlington's keybords sounds more vintage! and nothing to say about the bass player except that the only two voices accepted by fans in this kind of music are Liam's and Noel's, not even Gem's cool voice was accepted, but it seems that in the Fuckin fat old birds anyone can do whatever he want.

More about the Noel's rig in the Dig Out Your Soul World Tour 08/09

Posted by Javier Garcia on May 11, 2012 at 11:45 PM Comments comments (0)

 Can you guess the models of all these guitars?

Here's our try.

From right to left:

Gibson Ronnie Wood Signature (J200 style with modified pickguard) with Shubb capo on the 2nd fret and Bear strap.

Gibson Les Paul Standard with El Dorado strap.

Gibson ES 335 with black El Dorado strap.

Gibson ES 345 with Varitone and black El Dorado strap.

Gibson ES 355 Bigsby and Varitone and Shubb capo on the 2nd fret, also a brown El Dorado strap.

Gibson unknow possibly another Les Paul

Gibson unknow pissibly another Les Paul

Gibson J200 with a black Bear strap.

We got another article about the Hiwatt amps used by Noel for this tour with official info. In this picture of a particular occasion you can see the mike used for this amp. it is the same mic used for the Fender Blues Junior that usually goes above the Hiwatt amp of the middle. The mike is  a Shure KSM 44. As usual, the voice mic is a Shure Beta 58 A on a Atlas Mic Stand with a lot of Dunlop picks (Tortex and Nylon). The mikes for the another Hiwatt amps are Shure SM 57's.

Do you know the story about how it ended like this, this beatiful vintage guitar?

As you can see, there is capo on the 2nd fret, proove of the guitar was ready for Rock N Roll Star, Lyla and The Shock Of The Lightning.

Noel's Acoustic Gear

Posted by Javier Garcia on April 20, 2012 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (6)

Noel’s Acoustic Gear

As you know the Gibson J200 in vintage sunburst has been associated to Oasis and Noel Gallagher. In the early years Noel used to carry the Epiphone EJ200 even in the Definitely Maybe album cover but since 2000 his favorite acoustic guitar to play live and in studio is the Gibson J200 with the Adidas Originals sticker on it.

In some blogs around the net, many people is wondering how it works the live sound of Noel’s acoustic guitar. Why there are two guitar cables coming out the J200 since Noel and Gem acoustic tour and in the DOYS world tour? How it works? Well here at we are gonna explain it to you!

Noel acquired a couple of J200 brand new for the recording of Heathen Chemistry album and he plays one for the Little By Little video-clip. This guitar comes with the LR Baggs Element Active System (it’s a under saddle pickup). This internal system is wired to a very small volume wheel and a battery bag and of course to the strap-jack. All this stuff goes inside the guitar so that’s the reason why you have never seen it. In the DBTT tour and for a while Noel just played his J200 with this acoustic pickup system. For stage situations with the intention of eliminate any feedback, Noel added a guitar sound hole rubber cover called FeedBack Buster. This accessory also covers any trace of the internal volume wheel.

Later we have discovered an upgrade of the acoustic live sound. The LR Baggs M1A Active Soundhole Magnetic Pickup that comes with a volume wheel in the pickup, a clock battery and 1/8 gold plated jack. Noel has not drilled another hole into his J200 for this pickup, instead, this second pickup cable goes to behind the guitar and it’s plugged to a second guitar cable. And with this upgrade the live sound of the J200 got more color, rich and warm.

Noel do not use any acoustic guitar amp at all, he just plug his J200 to the Boss TU-2 and this tuner its plugged to a unknow direct box/ acoustic preamp device and that’s all. The J200 is not the only acoustic guitar that he uses to play live, also there is the Gibson L 200 with the same two pickups system.

above in picture you can see next to Noel's right foot there is a direct box/ preamp.

Beneath there is the Gibson Ronnie Wood Signature (modified pickguard) with the same pickups system features.

Finally for the acoustic tour with Gem and Terry Kirkbride (the drums in Mucky Fingers) Noel as usual uses on stage the Shure Beta 58A Microphone, Dunlop Nylon Standard Guitar Picks and the Tama Rhytm Watch Metronome (the same that Zak Starkey used on the DBTT tour) attached with duct tape to a guitar stand.



NEW Noel Gallagher's Pedalboard - 2012

Posted by Javier Garcia on April 1, 2012 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (2)

This picture has been recently uploaded to the internet and since it's been circulating for all the net. We have done the analisis, here is it:



As usual a Mike Hill's Pedalboard and foot controller divided in two sections, in the first one from left to right

- Boss PN-2 Pan / Tremolo (Read the main article)

- Pete Cornish SS-2. Noel's favorite overdrive/boost pedal to play live and in studio since 2004 / 2005.

- Boss Digital Delay (Read the main article)

- Strymon Time Line Delay. In a recent interview Noel has confesed that actually this is his favorite delay unit, very expensive and very hard to find even for the artists, there is a wait list for months and Noel got varius units of it.

- Boss Digital Delay (again)

In the another section:

- SIB Echodrive Analog Delay. In the same interview Noel has revelated the main use of this unit. (Read the main article on the Home section) Apart of the weird noises generator function, Noel uses the Echodrive for add drive and tone to his amps, that is the reason for the full volume knob position. This pedal comes with a valve that gives a magnificent tone and a little drive to the signal chain, but no overdrive, just a little saturation.

- ZVEX Super Duper Overdrive. Boost and overdrive pedal.

- ZVEX Low Fi Loop Junky (Read the main article)

- Boss Digital Delay (once and again)

Before the pedalboard, in the left you can see as usual a Boss TU-2 (Maybe TU-3) for the acoustic guitar and also probably some kind of direct box/ preamp device for his acoustic guitar.

The Guitars used on the recording of Dig Out Your Soul

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By the way I don't know from where I got this picture, It is important you to know that this mini website is educational only, Im not trying to sell you anything like dolphins music does, I just take pictures from the web (I don't know anything about copyrights) and trying to explain it to you what is about.

Ok, This picture has been taked in Abbey Road during the recording of DOYS album. Noel used 7different guitars at least. Remember that he got like a 3 or 4 units of the same model. Paul Weller came to the studio and said to Noel "Do you think that you got enoght fuckin' guitars?" Because Paul saw so many guitars of the same model.

The one that Noel is playing in the picture is a Gibson SJ-200 in vintage sunburst finish.

The other guitars from right to left are:

- Gibson ES 355 in cherry finish (Stereo, with Bigsby and Varitone)

- Epiphone John Lennon "Revolution" Casino

- Epiphone Frontier Acoustic Guitar in sunburst finish (sixties)

- Fender Telecaster (sixties)

- Gibson Les Paul Standard in Lightburst (1959 or a reissue)

- Fender Jaguar (sixties)

Behind the last guitar you can see a Fender Blues Junior amp (Tweed) Remember that Noel got the entire collection of Hot Rod Series in Black, White and of course Tweed.


Some Info from HIWATT

Posted by Javier Garcia on February 13, 2012 at 11:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Hiwatt Revives Noel Gallaghers Touring Rig


Earlier this year Hiwatt were delighted to hear that Noel was using a vintage Hiwatt Combo as part of his studio setup. After a few conversations we offered to re-make the original Hiwatt combo for Mr Gallagher. Noel can now been seen using the Hiwatt Combos on tour (see pic). The combo is a 2x12 Vertical Custom 100 Amplifier which is quite a rarity to see these days. We would like to wish Oasis the very best on their tour this year.

SOURCE: gallagher