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                         Noel Gallagher's Pedalboard (Oasis) 

Let's start to analize the Noel Gallagher's Pedalboard used to play live.

I 've uploaded some pictures captured by myself from the live videos that you can get all arround the internet and others from different websites with no intention of breaking or damage any copyright law, I just did it with educational intentions since Noel's live sound has been an obsession for many people including me. 

So, here you will find a description about the complete pedalboard used by Noel in the Oasis last world tour (2008 & 2009 Dig Out Your Soul Tour) and also from other tours since 2000. All done it by myself, If you got any contradiction or different opinion, please leave a comment, or if this information is helpfull for you, also you can leave a comment on the guestbook, that will be helpfull for me and my mini web site.

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Ok let's get started!

- Mike Hill's Pedalboard and Foot Controller 

His main pedalboard and foot controller is custom made by Mike Hill, Noel uses the Mike Hill's design of pedalboard since 2000 and the pedalboard with foot controller since 2004. By the way Mike Hill also make custom pedalboards, foot controllers, valves and servives for others famous artist too. The idea of the foot controller is to press one foot switch to activates 2 or 3 pedals at the same time. 

On the following pictures from the last world tour Noel is using:

- Wah Pedal with two led lights (red and green). Some fansites are  suggesting that Noel is using the Dunlop Crybaby 535Q and others the original Crybaby CGB-95. In the past Noel was using the Dunlop Crybaby, maybe the original model beacuse it cannot see the typical giant silver knob of the 535Q on the pictures of the old rig. Anyway in this picture, the wah pedal doesn't have any company name or model name in the front of the pedal.

- Boss AB-2 it's a two way selector to switch between two guitars or amps, the Noel's one have two maskin tapes where are writen "Tamboura" and "Roll". This units are used for switch beetwen two ZVEX Loop Junkys. Noel uses 2 units of the Boss AB-2 becasuse the Mike Hill's Pedalboard foot controller comes with a limited number of patches based on the quantity of foot switch's, So he press one foot switch to activate the first ZVEX loop junky, and then he press the Boss AB-2 to switch the loop junkys and press again the very same foot switch to activate the second ZVEX loop junky. 

- Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-9. Since 2000 the Tube Screamer is the weapon of choice of Noel for solos. He said that the Ibanez Tube Scramer and the Boss Digital Delay is all he uses for solos. Of course is not allways mixed with the Digital Delay like in the first part of the solo of Live Forever or the riffs of Some Might Say played in the 2000 Live Jools Holland (In this show Noel used the Aqua Puss instead the Digital Delay for solos). In 2008 & 2009 Noel used the Pete Cornish SS-2 for the "Champagne Supernova" solo instead the Tube Screamer.

- Pete Cornish Custom Soft Sustainer SS-2. This is not the regural version of SS-2, it's much more longer than the regular SS-2 and SS-3 that you can find to buy, and comes with black knobs. In his SS-2 there's a sticker label with the name "Paul Stacey"?? Noel's guitar technician?? Yes acording to some sites. Anyway this is Custom SS-2.

- ZVEX Low Fi Loop Junky. Noel uses this weird looper for the ends of songs like "Rock N' Roll Star", "Supersonic" and "I Am The Walrus", So he uses 5 or 6 units on his pedalboard, the last one just before his Maxon AD80 Reissue.


This is a different angle of the pedalboard, We will continue with the signal chain, after the Pete Cornish SS-2 is:


- Boss Digital Delay. We don't know exactly if is the DD-3, DD-5, DD-6 or even the DD-7. Noel is well know for use vintage stuff with the last technologhy. The DD-5 was the favorite of Noel allways until the AnalogMan web site has revealed that Noel was using in 2006 the DD-6. In this pictures his probably using two different units, DD-5 and DD-6 or DD-3 and DD-6. We don't know! Anyway all the Boss DD are great for Oasis solos. 

- Boss TU-2. Noel uses 2 units of this tuner, one on the pedalboard next to his Atlas Mic Stand and the another in front his HiWatt combos, this second tuner is for the acoustic guitar. 

- Boss Digital Delay. (again) I believe that the second unit is for the loops or the ends of the regular songs, this unit is set to a different time and feedback.

- SIB Echodrive. Probably this is the favorite analog delay pedal of Noel, it never moved of his pedalboard since 2000. This is for the weird noises at the ends of gigs.

- Boss AB-2. (again)

- Z-VEX Junky Loop. (again)

- Maxon AD-80 Reissue. This analog delay pedal is in the Noel's pedalboard since 2007, He use it for the weird noises too, mixed with the Echodrive.

- Boss SL-20. This twin pedal is new, Noel use this melody generator for loop, probably for the "Falling Down" loop.

- Digitech Whammy. This is the actual version, not the older model. He probably mix this whammy for the weird noises or for the tremolo type sound at the end of "The Shock Of The Lightning". In the 2009 Latin American tour, some fans has been reported that Noel played "Gas Panic" in the soundchecks, So the only way to play this song without a Rotosphere is with the Digitech Whammy.


In this picture there are almost all the previusly mentioned pedals. There are 6 units of Z-VEX Loop Junky and a Boss Reverb RV-5 (based on the two inputs that the RV-3 does't have). This picture is probably of the pre-tour practice sessions or maybe in a studio session.

This is a picture from the 2007 Brits Awards, Noel is using for the fisrt time the Line 6 DL4 with expresion pedal, also the Maxon Analog Delay AD-80 Reissue and of course the SIB Echodrive. In the promotion pictures of the recording of Dig Out Your Soul Noel is using the DL4, before that Gem was the only one in Oasis who was using this popular delay modeler, also Gem was the first to use the Mike Hill's foot controller.

This picture is definitely from a studio season: Pete Cornish SS-2, Boss Digital Delay, Boss Tuner (for muting) and SIB Echodrive. All in a Mike Hill custom foot controller and pedalboard connected to one of Noel's Favorite amp, a Fender Blues Junior. A lot of people said that the Blues Junior and the Soft Sustainer are amazing for Rock N' Roll and Blues = Oasis


This is a picture from Live Jools Holland in 2000, Noel is using a complete new rig, a new and better sound, all the old equipment was putted away. He is usisng: 


- Dunlop Wah. A lot of people and web sites are suggesting that Noel uses the 535Q but you can't see the big silver knob in videos and pictures. You can only see the the black pedal with no other knob or button so I think that is CGB-95 version for the simplicity of the model.

- Footswitch. This a rare and vintage footswitch, some might say that is a rack tuner mute switch, probably. I allways though that was a footswitch for the overdrive of his Clark Amp or his Vox or Marshall Head. 

- Ibanez Tube Screamer.

- Boss Tuner. This is not a Boss delay pedal or a Boss line selector LS-2, I saw the video a lot of times very carefuly and you cannot distingue any know so it is the TU-2 used as a power supply and for muting.  

- Way Huge Aqua Puss. In this show Noel uses the Aqua Puss for solos instead the Digital Delay and of course for the weir noises at the end of "My Generation"

- SIB Echodrive.

- Boss Digital Delay. For weird noises at the end of "Rock N' Roll Star" In this show I think that is a DD-3.

- Hughes and Kettner Rotosphere. Noel uses the older version of this Leslie emulator for "Who Feels Love" and "Gas Panic!". In studio he also use the Rotosphere for "Little by Little" and in live too but in 2004, Noel removed the Rotosphere from his pedalboard and replaced with the Boss PN-2 (Tremolo/Pan) the older version of the TR-2.

All the investigation done by Javier García B.

Any cuestions I 'll be happy to answer, go to CONTACT ME box